Exness Pakistan Prediction Plugin Review

Exness Pakistan is a forex broker that provides various accounts and trading instruments. Additionally, they have an customizable plugin which superimposes Trading Central's technical analysis strategies, forecast, commentary and key areas onto live trading charts.

Furthermore, it offers free VPS to all clients - an invaluable benefit for traders as it increases connection speed and minimizes slippages.

Trading Central’s technical anasis strategies

Traders need to stay abreast of current market events and trends in order to craft trading strategies that work. Technical analysis can be extremely helpful here; it helps pinpoint potential trade opportunities in the short term as well as forecast prices for future movements.

Exness offers a comprehensive suite of trading tools and features tailored to individual needs. Its platform is suitable for both beginners and experts alike, being fast, secure, and user-friendly. Plus it provides various order types so that traders can trade more methodically.

Exness' generous leverage offer is one of the primary advantages, offering you leverage to increase both profits and losses. However, be mindful how much you take advantage of this benefit.

GO Markets has joined forces with trading software provider Trading Central to give its clients access to an array of indicators, pivot point prices and chart patterns. These are designed to help traders spot potential buy/sell opportunities in the forex, share, commodity and indices markets.

These indicators can be applied to a range of trading instruments, including CFDs on shares, indices, commodities and forex. Furthermore, they work in combination with other signals like trend lines, RSI and support/resistance levels.

This indicator overlays TRADING CENTRAL's research, forecasts, commentary and key levels (support/resistance/targets/stop pivots) onto live trading charts for most actively traded instruments. It can be downloaded free from the TRADING CENTRAL website and is compatible with MetaTrader 4; you have complete control to customize it according to your individual trading style.

It utilizes a proprietary support and resistance level generation algorithm to scan recent pricing. It detects highly congested ranges, using this data to calculate the most significant support and resistance levels for any given charting time frame.

Trading Central's technical analysis strategies can be extremely helpful in making informed trading decisions, particularly for intraday traders. These models can be superimposed onto live trading charts to assist you in developing your trading approach and making informed choices.


Trading Central provides forecasts that can be superimposed onto live trading charts to help assess entry, stop loss and limit order levels. This helps minimize losses and lock in profits by ensuring your trades are placed at the most suitable levels.

This algorithm is user-friendly and especially beneficial if you're new to the market. Additionally, it gives an early warning of potential reversals, helping you prevent missing out on big trades that could go against you.

Exness is an ideal trading platform that offers a broad selection of tools and features. It provides forex and CFDs on commodities, indices, and stocks; plus it's regulated by several financial regulators with low minimum balance requirements and tight spreads that help reduce your risk of losing money.

Beginners will find this broker to be ideal, as it offers a demo account that lets you practice trading without risking real money. Alternatively, you can switch to a live trading account once you become more proficient with it.

Another outstanding aspect of the site is that it's available in over 20 languages. This ensures you can access it regardless of where you reside in the world.

Trading Central provides a suite of tools and indicators to help you trade with confidence. You can install these tools onto your MT4 or MT5 charts, access daily strategy newsletters, and monitor market sentiment data.

Traders can stay abreast of important market announcements with the economic calendar. It displays how an event is likely to impact prices, as well as analyst forecasts.

The economic calendar is invaluable to traders, as it offers a clear indication of the effect an economic release will have on markets. It's especially helpful for short-term trading since events often affect markets within an hour or less after being released.

Exness offers a limited selection of trading products, but nonetheless is an attractive choice for investors seeking a wide range of financial instruments and excellent support. It has been regulated by several financial regulatory authorities and offers customer service in multiple languages via email or phone.


Trading Central's commentary can be superimposed onto live trading charts on desktop or on-the-go with their Android and iOS apps. This is an ideal way to stay abreast of technical trading and financial news. Their interactive graphical trading platform offers a variety of chart types and features, such as custom indicators, time-based trend lines, and automated alerts. Plus you can customize charts by color and size - ideal for traders with multi-monitor setups. Their most impressive offering is their 24-hour coverage of 85 markets, such as stocks, forex and options. Their cutting-edge technology enables smooth chart transitions and fast loading times. Their team of professionals are supported by some of the most sophisticated trading systems available in the business.

Key areas

Trading Central provides an array of key areas that can be superimposed onto live trading charts. These include trendlines, pivot points for trend reversals and alternative scenarios for improved risk management. These elements can be integrated into any broker platform to give traders unparalleled insight into their market and instrument movements.

TC Research is an invaluable asset that can increase your odds of successful trades. It also gives insight into major themes and events that could have an influential effect on markets - making it particularly helpful if you're a day trader who lacks time to stay up to date on news releases. Exness provides various research materials, including an economic calendar which tracks major economic releases' effects.

TC Research offers a B2B service, meaning it is provided indirectly to traders through their brokers. Therefore, you should make sure the broker you select meets your needs. It's wise to check that they're regulated by relevant authorities and offer adequate protections. Furthermore, assess their transparency and reliability using our rating system. Moreover, make sure your account isn't overleveraged and spreads are reasonable; finally remember fees may not always be transparent so compare them in order to find one best suited for you.